Sunday, December 30, 2007

AND THEN... . . . . .

And then one day Nut said - I've had enough! I'm taking over this ship. I nose where the Ezzie is and Ize gonna takes us there. So then she told Ren to hold onto her swashbuckle because they were kicking the ship into high 3, 2, 1, WOOOOOSH

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Saturday, August 11, 2007

the blue diamond

nut and i anchored the divine sea hag off the dark side of crook island where the sheer drop casts long shadows and leaves a chill on the otherwise warm caribbean waters.....jumping in the water - our heads bobbed like little corks, many say it's because nut and i have big heads or we're full of hot air - however - nut and i know - it's the water wings we wear....

knowing our ezzie needs us and we need her, nut and i swim around the cay to the unnatural blue of the lagoon. fascinated by the blueness, and more curious where our ezzie could be than our fear of the lagoon, nut and i dove down into the opulent blue of the water and followed the glowing ligh to an underwater cave....... wha.......tttt...........................we came face to face with a jeweled skull with a blue diamond that hypnotized the nutster and me. our minds went blank...well blanker...
that grinning,mind stealing skull pulled nut and me further and further into the underwater cave of the crook island lagoon.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

painted lagoon's blue opulence

pirate nut and i know that bloody jack kidd doesn’t just find the meanest, vilest sea serpent and put her in the painted lagoon just because he loves her. knocking our heads together, nut and i came to the conclusion that bloody jack had something of value; something pirated (of course) – something besides our ezzie, that is…something to hide.

we questioned…why would bloody jack steal our ezzie? he knew we would track him to the ends of the universe to save our ezzie…yes even if it meant a duel to the death (of bloody jack that is), we were going to take back our sea hag – the spirit of our ship. ezzie is our occuli, she holds the divine sea hags magical powers – she protects our ship.....and what was giving that painted lagoon it's glowing, unnatural blue opulence. what evil plot to control the seven seas was bloody jack's twisted curls about to unfurl? ...what does bloody jack have that needs our ezzie's magic occuli and the scaly snake snood's vileness? there were questions the nut and i needed answered...and what better way to get an answer than to set our sails to the crooked island , dive into the painted lagoon, and rescue our ezzie!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

the painted lagoon's sea serpent

bloody jack kidd roamed the seven seas and captured the most feared of the sea serpents to guard his stonghold on crooked island.
bloody jack never did know how to play pirates the right way! he had to find the vilest, meanest, ugliest sea serpent known as scaly snake snood to try and keep the nut and me from rescuing our ezzie from crooked island's painted lagoon.

we'll plot and plan, and think and snarl, we'll get jack kidd on the 'morrow. the painted lagoon, the vile snake snood - we'll say - hey ugly - we're in our pms mood.

Crooked Island

It doesn't take much to figure Bloody Jack out, in a minute or two we knew just what he was about. He kidnapped our Ezzie and set off to sea, out the Caribbean is where we knew he would be. There is and island there made just for that pirate. That name says it all if you know what I mean. Bloody Jack, I was sure, set sail for crooked Island. I bittly lil island with big ole lagoon, the perfect place for that bloody fool goon. Enough of this talk, he has a head start. Hoist that sail Rennie, its time to depart!!!